The links below will take you to a more in depth view of what we do in each kind of repair and the prices we charge.

PDI (pre-delivery inspection for bikes purchased off the internet that are delivered in a box )

Individual Repairs

Basic Service (Recommended every 6 months)

Main Service (Recommended every 12 months)


Complete Bike Build

Please note: If your bike is in a dirty condition we will charge for a valet of the bike in order for work to be carried out effectively. This is priced from £15 per bike.

There is a minimum charge/callout of £20.00 which is not added to the bill if labour is more than £20.00.

Fitting of parts provided elsewhere incurs a 25% surcharge on top of our normal labour charge for doing this. In addition we are not responsible for the warranty or compatibility of the parts supplied to us to fit. If we attempt to fit parts that turn out to be incorrect the labour charge and surcharge will still be payable.