Dr Bike

What is a DR Bike session?

  • Mobile Bike Repair can provide a DR Bike session for your event, school or workplace and is available for anyone to book.
  • Dr Bike sessions are a great way of getting your neglected bikes seen to for a minimal cost (between £10-£13 per bike).
  • We’ll bring our fully equipped mobile workshop to you. This means minimal setup time and minimal disruption to your day. We carry all the necessary tools required and also stock an extensive range of spare parts.  All we require is two parking spaces. With work being undertaken in the mobile workshop, we just need space at the side of the van for storing your bikes.
  • We will then asses each bike and make minor adjustments to get your bikes running smoothly. Please note it is not a full mechanical service.
  • If the bike requires more repairs than what can be completed in the allotted time, we will provide you with a quote for coming out to you and completing any remaining work.
  • Adjustments made on the bikes are puncture repairs, tyres inflated, tuning gears, adjusting brakes, replacing inner cables (externally routed only), replace brake blocks.
  • A DR Bike session can typically see around 3 bikes per hour.
  • Benefit from up to 10% off RRP on parts on the day.



  • Typically the employer covers the cost of a Dr Bike session as a benefit to their employees/ school children and encouraging cycling to work/school in the process.
    How ever a group of colleagues/ friends/ cycling club can also split the cost between them.
  • Minimum booking half day.
  • Parts are not included in the cost. Parts are to be paid for by the owner of the bike and they are informed of any additional costs to them before fitting.

Half day 4 hours – £150 (approx 12 bikes can be seen)
Full day 8 hours – £250 (approx 24 bikes can be seen)