Superior MTB-Sport

At the entry level of the Superior MTB Sport range is the XC707. RRP £359

mtbsport RX707

Superior MTB Sport XC707 spec
















MTB Sport XC709. RRP £359

mtbsport RX709

mtbsport RX709 spec



MTB Sport XC727. RRP £399

mtbsport RX727

mtbsport RX727spec


MTB Sport XC729. RRP £399

mtbsport XC729

mtbsport XC729Spec



MTB Sport XC737. RRP £439

mtbsport XC737

mtbsport XC737spec


MTB Sport XC739. RRP £439

mtbsport XC739

mtbsport XC739 spec



MTB Sport XC747. RRP £479.

mtbsport XC747

mtbsport XC747spec


MTB Sport XC749. RRP £479.

mtbsport XC749

mtbsport XC749spec


MTB Sport XC807. RRP £519.

mtbsport XC7807mtbsport XC7807spec

MTB Sport XC809. RRP £519.

mtbsport XC809

mtbsport XC809spec




MTB Sport XC817. RRP £609.

mtbsport XC817

mtbsport XC817spec



MTB Sport XC819. RRP £609.

mtbsport XC819

mtbsport XC819spec




MTB Sport XC827. RRP £689.


mtbsport XC827

mtbsport XC827spec



At the top end of the Superior MTB Sport range is the XC829. RRP £689

Superior MTB Sport XC829
Superior MTB Sport XC829 spec