Superior Crosssport

Superior bikes

The Cross sport range is a hybrid style of bike, great for both the road and light trail riding.

Within this range of Superior Cross sport bikes there are 6 models to offer you.
There are also two bikes that can be ordered as Gents or Lady.


At the entry level of the Superior Cross sport is the RX510. Available in either Gents or Ladies.

Superior Cross sport RX510 Gents Version. RRP £329

Crosssport RX510 Gents

Crosssport RX510 Gents Spec


Superior Cross sport RX510L. Ladies Version. RRP £329.

Crosssport RX510 Ladies

Crosssport RX510 Ladies Spec

Superior cross sport RX520. RRP £369

crosssport rx520

crosssport rx520 spec


Superior cross sport RX530 Gents. RRP £409

crosssport rx530

crosssport rx530 spec

Superior Cross sport RX530 Ladies. RRP £409

crosssport rx530L

crosssport rx530L spec


Superior Cross sport RX540. RRP £459.

crosssport rx540

crosssport rx540 spec


Superior Cross sport RX570. RRP £499

crosssport rx570

crosssport rx570 spec


At the top end of the Superior Cross sport is the RX590. RRP £559

Crosssport RX590

Crosssport RX590 spec