Spin Bike Servicing

Do you have a fleet of spin bikes that needs taking care of?

We can come to your premises/gym and service your spin bikes on site.
Whether you’d like a one off service or a regular service plan we can adapt our service to your businesses needs and have a payment plan that works for you.

Ad-hoc repair– For just the one or two spin bikes out of action that need a quick fix to accomodate those full classes.
One off fleet service– For some or all of your spin bikes to receive a one off service.
Annual plan– A tailored plan to service each bike once or multiple times throughout the year. Includes free call outs* for ad-hoc repairs for those that may break down in between services.

With every service we do we keep a service sheet so we can keep track of work undertaken on each spin bike.

The benefits of having your fleet of spin bikes serviced reduces the number of breakdowns you have keeping all of your classes at full capacity and your revenue. Preventative maintenance increases the life span of your fleet and keeps costly repairs to a minimum.

Get in touch for your free quote today.

Tel/txt –  07576536578
Email – enquiries@mobilebikerepair.co.uk

*Additional fuel/travel charges apply for those out of my normal working area on call outs.