Shimano Di2 Servicing and Updates

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    Our mechanics are fully trained in working with Shimano Di2 components and system hardware through the use of the Shimano E-tube program. The E-

    tube program allows our mechanics to customise settings and update firmware on all Di2 components. Updating Di2 firmware is critical to ensure you are getting everything a Di2 group set has to offer in terms of battery life and shifting efficiency and bugs in the system.

    We can service your Di2 group set as part of a normal bike service or we can carry out a Di2 Group set service on its own.  The service includes checking your Di2 for software updates via the Shimano E Tube Project, checking the gears are set up correctly, adjust as required and we can even modify the way it changes gear dependent on how you ride your bike, a rider who races may want it to change gear differently to someone who commutes.

    With this box of tricks  we can speed up the shifting or slow it down, the choice is yours! We can swap over the shifting buttons from side to side, so the right-hand shifts the front derailleur etc… if you have a satellite shifter we can also change which derailleur it shifts and what button does what. The best feature is the multi-shift function which allows you to move the derailleur across the entirety of the cassette when you hold down the button. It makes a good groupset GREAT!


    • Shimano Di2 Gear Service £25.00

    • Shimano Di2 Gear Service (discounted as part of a bike service) £12.50

    • Shimano Di2 customise plus service £30

    • Shimano Di2 Firmware update and gear adjustment £40

      This new diagnostic will not work with the old analogue Dura-Ace 7900 system, but will work with Dura-Ace 9070 Di2.