We recommend this service for the regular cyclist, daily commuter, off roaders and for the restoration of classic bikes.

The overhaul is priced from £115 for road, hybrid and hardtails. £140 for full sus. The service includes the following:

A main service plus:
Bike valet
Complete strip down, clean
and re-greasing of components
Complete check on all components
Brake service, including inner and outer casing change (Cost of basic cable set included, cables can be upgraded)
Disc brake clean and adjust &bleed system (Fluid extra charge)
Gear cable change and re-tune (Cost of basic cable set included, cables can be upgraded)
Wheels tensioned and trued

For any additional parts needed the price of these new parts is not included in the price above unless stated. For any small parts to be fitted on the bike these will be included in the price above, others will be charged at a discounted rate.

Fitting of parts you, the customer provides incurs a 25% surcharge on top of our normal labour charge for this. In addition we are not responsible for the warranty or compatibility of the parts supplied to us to fit. If we attempt to fit parts that turn out to be incorrect the labour charge and surcharge will still be payable.