Main Service

The main service is recommended every 12 months or before if the bike is being used frequently.

This service option includes:

Bike set up to fit rider
Visual inspection of complete cycle (M check) and advice on any further work required
Check for chain and drivetrain wear
Clean & lubrication of drivetain (Chain, gears and associated components)
Clean & lubrication of brake & gear cables
Check and adjust brakes (Hydraulic disc brakes – bleed system every 2 years*)
Check and adjust gears
Inspection of tyres and inflate to recommended PSI
Wheels- hubs inspected and re greased
Wheels trued on bike
Headset adjustment and re greased. Replaced if required.
Bottom bracket removal, clean and regrease. Replaced if required.
Suspension & Forks – inspection**
Seatpost removed, cleaned and refitted
Check torque of all bike components

We will replace all inner cables on this service at a cost of £10.
Bikes with hydraulic discs(don’t require brake cables) costs for gear cables is £5.
Changing the cables will improve gear shifting and braking performance.

Before we proceed with any work that will incur any extra costs we always seek permission from you first.

This service is priced at £69. (Plus price of cables £5/£10-see above)
A junior bike up to a 20″ wheel is priced at £45
A single speed is £45

*Brake bleed- if this is required their is an additional charge

Fitting of parts you, the customer provides incurs a 25% surcharge on top of our normal labour charge for this. In addition we are not responsible for the warranty or compatibility of the parts supplied to us to fit. If we attempt to fit parts that turn out to be incorrect the labour charge and surcharge will still be payable.